Coastal Cedar Jade Deco Tumbler



Enjoy the fresh scents of smoked cedar, sea salt, and cade with this new scent for 2017!  This deco tumbler is small and shiny with the delicious aroma of cedar to fill your home with holiday cheer.

Scent: Smoked Cedar, Sea Salt, Cade

Burn Time: Up to 35 hours

Size: 6 OZ 3"h x 2.75"d

 How To Burn Your Candle:  Always allow your candle to completely liquefy across the top before blowing it out to avoid tunneling. Before each burn, make sure your wick is trimmed to ¼”. Do not drop debris, like matches or wick trimmings, into the wax. Do not place your burning candle on sensitive or uneven surfaces. Discontinue burning your candle when about ½” of wax remains.  DO NOT LEAVE YOUR BURNING FLAME UNATTENDED.  Burn your candle in a safe area away from any flammable materials.   Now go enjoy your candle.

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