Bailey's Story

Baily December 2007 - March 2022
Many people ask who Bailey is and why we incorporated him into our designs.  Bailey was an abandoned dog picked up by the local animal control when he was a puppy.  The day the shelter planned to euthanize him he was adopted and given a second chance at life.  
We incorporated Bailey into our designs to raise awareness about the importance of canine adoption.  Our family has always believed in rescuing and adopting dogs.  Shelters are overflowing with beautiful and sweet dogs that need to find their forever home. Sadly, if these dogs are not adopted in a short amount of time they will be put to sleep.  We hope Bailey's story encourages our customers to adopt from their local animal shelters and give wonderful dogs like Bailey a loving forever home they deserve. 
We are committed to raising awareness on the importance of canine adoption through our "Bailey" t-shirt sales. For each Bailey item sold on our website we will donate $1.00 to Athens Canine Rescue.   We hope Bailey's story inspires you to never give up on life and to always look for ways to help others in need.  
Sweet Bailey crossed the rainbow bridge in March 2022 due to failing health and congestive heart failure.  We miss his sweet spirit.  In honor of Bailey please remember that Canine Adoption is The Best Option.