French Farmhouse Collection

Preserved Boxwood Wreath

Vintage Home Decor

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Each wreath features a black and white Gingham ribbon.  Hang a wreath on a tobacco basket, tie one onto the back of a chair, or hang on a wall with ironstone plates.  Individually or as a pair a boxwood wreath always adds a little charm to create a cozy cottage ambiance.   

Sizes:  Small: 6 inch round, Medium: 7 inch round, Large: 10 inch round

Material: Preserved Boxwood

Care: INDOOR USE ONLY.  Decorative Use Only. Avoid direct sunlight and extreme heat.  Mist lightly every 4 to 6 weeks, especially in dry climates.  Avoid over-watering.  When watering a fine mist should be used.  Excessive moisture from misting or environmental conditions may lead to mold or mildew problems or cause the preserved dye agents to bleed from leaves.  

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